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Bahir dar Bahir dar is the beautiful city lined with palm trees, means “the Lakeside town”. The city which is visited with “tankuas” (papyrus canoes) is famous for Lake Tana, which is the largest water body in Ethiopia and the source of the Blue Nile fall. Bahirdar has recently been voted one among three promising

Tiya tikil dingay Tiya tikil dingay is located in the Soddo Region of Ethiopia. It is best known for its archaeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site remarkable for its large stone pillars, many of which bear some form of decoration.The menhir or stelae, “32 of which are engraved with enigmatic symbols, notably swords,” mark

Harar Harar is a walled city which stands on the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley and is the provincial capital of Ethiopia’s largest administrative region, Hararge. The city’s location gives wonderful views of the surrounding country – the vast Danakil desert to the north, the fertile Harar Mountains to the west, and the

Gondar was the capital of Ethiopia from the rise of Fasilades to the fall of Tewodros (1855-68) which is reflected in the many castles and palaces in the city.The city’s main imperial precinct, known as the Royal Enclosure, covers an area of 7.7 hectares and contains five castles, raised walkways and connecting tunnels surrounded by

Lalibela /Roha/ is the site of Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches. King Lalibela is responsible for the foundation of these world famous rock hewn churches in Lalibela /Roha/ town. King Lalibela was from Zagwe Dynasty, the Dynasty that came to power after the collapsing down of Axumite Dynasty. It is miraculous to see the typical Axumite

Debre Damo Monastery Debre Damo Monastery was founded by Abuna Aregawi, one of the nine saints, in 6th century. Tradition has that while Abuna Aregawi was praying at the foothill, God sent him serpent with St. Michel. The serpent curled around the waist of Abuna Aregawi, pulled him up and put on the top of

Axum is the center of civilization and Christianity. Although the dynasty was founded ealier, Axum town was founded in first century A.D as the political center of the dynasty. Its great history is witnessed by achievements during its golden age. Excavations from different periods describe its achievements. The pottery, iron and bronze materials, coins, tombs,