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Arba Minch The land of forty springs Arba Minch town was established in 1962. The town got its name from the spring waters, forty in number, that flow in the jungle close to Nech-Sar National Park. The town is divided into two sections: up town, Shecha, which is the administrative center, hotels, and residences and

Mago National Park Mago National Park is a high plateau souring up to 4000m on top of which the second highest peak in Ethiopia, Mt. Tullu Demtu (4377m), among, many is found. The seasonal alpine lakes, some rare birds, and above all, the Ethiopian wolf are spotted here. The wattled cranes, the rare red-shelled duck,

Bale Mountains National Park Bale Mountains National Park is a magnificient high altitude plateau with numerous dramatic volcanic plugs, seasonal tiny alpine lakes and cascading mountain streams. The area of the park is 2400 km2 with an altitude ranging from 1500m-4377m a.s.l. It is the largest Afro Alpine habitat park in Africa. There are about

which is about 6o kms from Hadar, is also the site of old human kind ancestor fossils, mammal fossils, stone tools and other fossils. In 1995 Ardipithecus ramidus (4.4 million years old), in 1999-2001 Ardipithecus kadaba (5.78 million yeas), and other hominid fossils have been unearthed. The oldest stone tool (2.6 million years old), modern

The North East part of Ethiopia is the paleo anthropological, great geological, cultural, and mineral site. This corner of the country is where the Great Rift Valley forms the triangle (Afar Triangle that is 160000 km2 in area) and the three tectonic plates meet. Although this region is very hot, the Afar people have been