All those visiting relative or friends in Addis Ababa or travelling for business can participate in a week end tour to the surroundings of Addis Ababa and the beautiful Rift Valley

Tour Code: AA-ETO-AA Excursion in and Around A.A

Duration: 06 Nights/ 07 Days

Destinations-Ziway, Debrezeit, Sodere, Ambo, Debrelibaos, Debre Berhan

Directions- Around Addis Ababa

Transportation: Surface

Meal- Full board base



Hundred and sixty km a way from Addis Abeba is Lake Ziway, the largest among all the takes in the Rift Valley. It includes 5 volcanic islands, on the biggest the ruins of three monasteries are visible. Few monks still live in the main one which, according to local legends, hosted the Ark of the Covenant in the IX century.



Debrezeit is a rapidly growing recreational, tourist town 50km, south-east of Addis Abeba. It is surrounded by volcanic lakes. The Lakes Hora, Bisheftu, Babogaya and the local Africa art gallery are worth a visit. The mounts Zuquala and Erer majestically rise very close to the city. A crater lake is on Mount Zuquala.



Sodore is 126 km. South of the capital, Addis Abeba. It is the most appreciated and exploited thermal source. The river Awash, which flows through its forests, is rich of several fish species. Velvet monkeys will joint you at the table and accept your offerings. They are quite gentle by nature and safe to cuddle. Hippos can be observed in the nearby muddy area. The Olympic-size swimming pool and physical therapy centers attract lots of visitors.



The nearest resort, is 10 kms south of Addis Abeba towards the town of Ambo. Facing mountsFuri, Watchatcha and Menagesha Subba is totally covered with over a hundred years old huge cedar and juniperus trees. This is sometimes called the “oldest park in africa.” In this park, one can observe various species of endemic game animals like, Rabbits hyrax, Menelik Bushbuck, Duiker. Other small mammals like mole rat, Grass rat are also common in the forest.


AMBO (Hagere Hiwot)

The city of Ambo is 125 km. West of Addis Abeba. It is the source of the well-known “Ambo” mineral water. Its hot water sources have been transformed in modern SPAs. The River GuderFails can he quickly reached by car. The volcanic lakes Guder and Wontchi are further attractions near the city of Ambo.


It is nearly 50 km south of the capital, on the road to Hosaena — Sodo. It offers a panoramic view over the bank of the River Awash. It is an archaeological site where scientists dug fossils, stone tools and objects belonging to the primitive man. These fossils date back to millions of years ago. Nearly 27 km from Melka Kunture, you can visit the Adadi Mariam Church built in the XIII century in the rock, similarly to the Lalibela Church South West of Adadi Mariam, 23 km from Melka in the heart of the town of Tiya, you can visit the fabulous site with no less than 40 pre-historical steles with arcane signs and writings.



110 Km north of Addis Abeba, Debre Libanos is one of the most famous monasteries of the XIII century. Its monastic community receives thousands of pilgrims visiting this holy place.
The monastery is situated on the bank of the river Jema; it includes a nun-cloister and an area where the monks have enclosed. The “Portuguese Bridge”, a bridge which is believed to be strengthened with a type of mortar obtained from sand and oyster shells is on the verge of a precipice near the church. In the same area there are numerous Gelada Baboons, an endemic Ethiopian mammal species.


It was founded in the XV century, by the Emperor Zerayacob as one of the capitals; DebreBerhan, is 130 km north east of Addis Abeba. The climate is fresh and wholesome. It is famous for its wool factory. Ankober, 35 km. South-east of Debre Berhan was the capital of the ShoaMonarchy before Debre Berhan was founded. It was the seat of the Shoa Kingdom during SahileSelassie, Menelik’s Grandfather.
There are still lots of ruins and giant ancient churches in Ankober.