Tour Code: AA-ETO 25 Days Combination

Duration: 24 Nights/ 25 DaysDestinations: Arba minch, Jinka, Mursi, Turmi, Konso, Hawassa, Awash, Semera, Gondar, Bahir Dar, Gondar

South-North Ethiopia

Transportation: Surface drive

Meal- Full board base


Day 1, Arrival at Addis Ababa

You will be mate and greeted by our company representative at the air port and transfer to the hotel. Overnight in hotel.


Day 2, Drive to Arba Minch

On the way we stop over tiya, is known for the 10th centuries adjacent archeological site, which is distinguished by 36 standing stones “32 of which are engraved with enigmatic symbols, notably swords,” marking a large, prehistoric burial complex. The archeological site was designated a world heritage sites in 1980 also it listed as world heritage by UNESCO. Overnight in hotel


Day 3, Full day sightseeing in Arba Minch

In the morning take a boat trip in Lake Lake Chamo, to visit the crocodile market, it is a local name for a place in Lake chamo that the crocodiles went out of the lake and chill, there is no buying or selling, also you will see hippos and different kinds of birds.
After boat trip drive to Dorzy village, This people set high up in the Gughe Mountains where we see the traditional Dorze beehive shaped huts recognized as one of the visually attractive structural houses by the UNESCO. Overnight in hotel.


Day 4, Drive to Jinka

Morning drive to Jinka via keyafer, if the Day is Thursday in this town there will be weeklyBeena tribes market day and we will visit the market and continue driving to Jinka. Overnight in hotel.


Day 5, Excursion to Mago national park to visit the Mursi Tribes

In the morning drive to Mursi village- a minority people living in the Lower Omo Valley. The women in this tribe are known for a big clay plate they put in their lips for decoration, whereas the men are known for the different patterns they paint on their body for decoration.
After Mursi village drive back to Jinka and In the late afternoon visit Jinka museum and Ari tribes village. Overnight in hotel


Day 6, Drive to Turmi for the colorful Hamer peoples

Morning drive to Turmi on the way stop at small Hamer tribes town Dimeka for a Market day, we will visit the colorful market and maybe on this day we can find one of most unique event of bull jumping- a ceremony when a boy is pronounced “man” after proving his capacity to jump 5 up to 13 cattle’s stand in a row
The day includes a special event in which a woman shows her appreciation for the bride groom by letting the boys whip them with a stick until they bleed. At night the day is called off after a colorful party with Evangady dance (night dance). Overnight in hotel/ Lodge


Day 7, Activity Drive to Omo Rate and back to Turmi

Today you drive through the wilderness of the Omo valley to the Dassanech (or Galeb) who are living on the other side of the Omo River. To reach their village you will cross the river in a canoe which is made of a hollow tree. Overnight in hotel/ Lodge


Day 8, Drive to Kara Village

Morning drive to Kara Village called Duse or Labuck around 80Km off-road; Karas are a small tribe with an estimated population between 1,000 and 3,000, they live along the east banks of theOmo River in southern Ethiopia and practice flood retreat cultivation. The crops that are grown by them are sorghum, maize and beans. Then drive back to Turmi. Overnight in hotel/ Lodge


Day 9, Drive Turmi to Konso

After breakfast drive After breakfast drive to konso and in this town we will visit the konsotribes village these tribes are known for the erection of stones and poles are part of the Konsotradition. A generation pole is raised every 18 years, marking the start of a new generation. The age of a village can be determined by how many poles are standing. Carved wooden statues are also used to mark the grave of a famous Konso tribal member. The marker, called a Waga is placed above the grave and smaller statues are then placed around the larger one representing his wives and conquered enemies. Overnight in hotel/ Lodge


Day 10, Activity Drive to Hawassa

After breakfast drive to New York, it is a place located around Konso and the name New York given because the place looks like New York City. Then drive to the city of Hawassa, stop atSodo for lunch or coffee. Overnight in hotel/ Resort


Day 11, Drive to Awash

After breakfast visit fish market in Hawassa, and then start driving to Awash on the way stop atShashemane the town of Rastafarians. Up on time you will visit the Awash National park for wild life’s and birds. Overnight in hotel/Lodge

Day 12, Drive Awash to Semera

Drive Semera on the way admire the rift valley, in the Afternoon arrival and drive to tourism office for permission and organize everything we need. Overnight Camping at Semera.


Day 13, Drive to Lake Afrera

After breakfast drive to Afrera late afternoon we will be there then visit Lake Afrera, swim if you want too, enjoying the hot spring and its surrounding salt farms.Overnight camping in Afrera


Day 14, Activity Drive to and walk to Ert-Ale

After breakfast drive to Dodom village arrives at base camp in the afternoon, late afternoon prepare camel and necessary logistic for the climbing which will approximately take 3-4 hours.
Climb up Erta-Ale active volcanic mountain evening arrival take rest and then visiting the astonishing volcanic outbreak. Overnight camping in Erta-Ale


Day 15, Activity Walk back to Dodome and Drive to Hammed Ella

Early in the Morning back to Dodome village base camp meet the jeeps to drive to Hammed Ellavillage. Overnight camping in Amedela


Day 16, Escursion to Dallol and drive to Mekelle

Early in the morning Excursion to Dallol on the way visits Lake Asale known for its Rock Salt and thousands of camel caravans and farther visit Dallol one of the lowest place on earth (120 meter below sea level) surrounded with different color combination mineral floating on the ice colored rock salt. After the visit in Dallol drive to Mekelle. Overnight Hotel / Lodge


Day 17, Activity Drive to Lalibela

Morning drives to Lalibela on the way admire the mountain landscape. Overnight in Hotel


Day 18, Sightseeing in Lalibela

Morning drive a little far from the city to hike to Asheten Mariam monastery we will visit the monastery and enjoy the great view.
In the afternoon visit the rock-hewn churches of King Lalibela there are no less than 1000 churches in the Lasta Region of Lalibela alone, Lalibela, previously known as Roha these eleven churches are brilliant feats of engineering and architecture and are often referred to as the “Eighth wonder of the world” so we will visit some of the rock-hewn churches, Bete Giorgis,Bete Medhane Alem and others. Overnight in Hotel


Day 19, Drive to Gondar and sight seeing

After breakfast drive to Gondar; is founded by Emperor Fasilidas around 1635. It is famous for its many medieval castles, (constructed in the European middle age architectural style), and the design and decoration of its churches, we will visit the Emperor Fasilidas castles and also visitDebre Berhan Selassie church , in particular, represents a masterpiece of the Gondarene School of art. This finest Gondarene church was built during the reign of Emperor Iyasu ( 1682-1706), and was never destroyed. Overnight in Hotel


Day 20, Drive to Simen mountains national park

In the morning drive to Debark and pay for entrance fee take guide and scout, have breakfast.
Then drive to the start point of the trekking and trek for 3-4 hours. Camping


Day 21, Trekking from Sankaber to Geech

In the morning have breakfast and start trekking to Geech enjoy the amazing view of Simienmountains on the way visit the longs waterfalls also we will see the chilada Baboon and total trekking time 5-6 hours. Overnight camping in Geech (3600m)


Day 22, Trekking from Geech to imategogo - Gondar

After breakfast start trekking to beautiful imategogo Mountain View point. On the way maybe we can have chance to see endemic wild animal- walia Ibex.
On this day you will trek for 4-5 hours after the trekking you will meet your vehicle and drive back to Gondar. Overnight Hotel in Gondar


Day 23, Drive to Bahir Dar

In the morning, Drive to Bahir after we get there have lunch and visit the Blue Nile Falls, it estimated to be between 37 and 45 meters high and it one of amazing waterfalls Ethiopia. Overnight in Hotel


Day 24, Sightseeing in Bahir Dar and Drive to Debre Markos

In the morning take a boat trip on Lake Tana to visit the island monasteries there are 37 Islands that are scattered about the surface of Lake Tana, out of which some 20 shelter Churches and monasteries of immense historical and cultural interest, we will visit some of amazingmonasteries.In the afternoon drive to Debre Markos for overnight stay. Overnight in Hotel


Day 25, Drive to Addis Ababa

On the way drive through the spectacular Blue Nile Gorge and you will visit Debre Libanos monastery and the Portuguese Bridge, which is the first bridge in Ethiopia. Continuing to Addis Ababa. Overnight Hotel in Addis Ababa. Morning Departure
………..….End of the tour arrangement………………