Tour Code: AAETO 021-Historic route

Duration: 13days/12nights</strong

Destinations: Harar Bahirdar, Gondar, Semin Mountains, Aksum, Tigray rock hewn churches, Mekele, Lalibela

Transportation: Surface drive and Flight

Northern Ethiopia

Meal- Full board base


Day 1- Addis Abeba

Aarrive Addis Abeba-city tour. O/n hotel


Day- 2 Addis Abeba-Bahir Dar

Drive to Bahirdar through the monastery of Debre Libanos and the Blue Nile gorge. Lunch in Debre Markos.


Day 3- Bahirdar

Full day in Bahirdar. Morning boat trip to the monasteries on lake Tana and after noon, drive to Blue Nile falls at 35kms from the town.

Day 4- Bahir Dar- Gondar

Aafter breakfast drives to Gondar crossing the beautiful landscape with a stop at the palace of Guzara. In the afternoon, start city tour of Gondar.

Day 5- Gondar-Semin Mountain

Driving to Semin Mountains NP for 1 night and wonder around the wonderful mountain escarpments with the endemic Galada Baboons.

Day 6- Semin Mountain-Aksum

The drive starts early morning after breakfast using the spectacular landscape of the chain of the Semin Mountains, Limalimo escarpments and the Tekeze river valley. O/n hotel.


Day 7- Aksum

Full day in Aksum with a visit of the Stele park, the church of St. Mary of Zion, the bath and ruin palace of queen Sheba, tombs of Kaleb and Gebre Meskel. O/n hotel.

Day 8- Aksum-Mekele

Drive to Mekele touching the moon temple of Yeha, and churches in the Tesfa cluster, like petros-paulous, Medihanialem, Micheal, Wukro Kirkos and more. O/n hotel..


Day 9- Mekele-Lalibela

A long drive to Lalibela by crossing magnificent mountain chains of Alamata, Korem and the crater lake of Ashengie. O/n hotel.


Day 10- Lalibela

Full day in Lalibela with a visit of the 11 rock churches and Neakutoleab cave church out side the town. O/n hotel.

Day 1- Arrive Addis Abeba

Transfer to the hotel. City tour.


Day 11-Lalibela-Harar

Flying to Addis Abeba for your connected flight to Deire Dawa then drives to Harar. O/n hotel.


Day 12- Harar

Full day in the 4th holiest city of the Islamic world next to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem with a number of mosques and Muslim shrines with in a stone trench. Late in the evening, entertain yourself watching a live Hyena man show held out side the town. O/n hotel.

Day 13- Harar-Addis Abeba

Fly or drive to Addis Abeba.

1-3 persons 3943$

4-7 persons 3378$

8-10 persons 3336$

11-14+2 persons 3340$

15-18+2 persons 3380$

19-22+2 persons 3307$

23-26+2 persons 3328$

SRS 404$